Never Out Of Reach


Always know where your mask is.

Keep Your Mask Clean, Safe, And Handy!

As a core component of personal protective equipment,
a clean mask has always been crucial for medical
workers everywhere. However, in today’s society it is
crucial for all of us. Keeping it handy at all times saves
both time and energy that can be spent on more
important things.


Use the clips to attach the mask to
the chain.


Always have your mask at handy
for whenever you need it.


Relax, knowing you can find it
every time you need it.

How It Works

Use the clips to attach the mask to the lanyard,
hang it within easy reach and relax, knowing you
can find it whenever you need it.

Always Ready For When You Need It

A protective mask is an on/off kind of item, trying to
remember where u placed it, keeping it from blowing
away, or just keeping it off the floor can be a chore.
Masks are a precious asset to assist you throughout
the day.

ONYA is a simple, handy accessory that saves you
time and keeps your mask clean and ready to use
every single time.

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OnYa - Never Out of Reach.


Clean. Safe. Handy.